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Marketing strategies to help you succeed. 


Marketing is a rather large term that can be overwhelming. At Social Bug Digital Media, we build sustainable, measurable marketing strategies and pride ourselves on integrating all aspects of your business. 


We realize how tempting it can be to jump into the world of marketing. Doing something usually seems better than nothing but, that's not the case. In order to promote your business, we need to make sure your marketing techniques are working with your business goals so they aren't working against you. 


Fully integrated marketing strategies include; website development, content, customer reviews, social media, public relations, search engine optimization, digital advertising, messaging, email communications, customer relationships, market research and of course, analytics. 


Wow...That's a lot, and we respect that. Let us help you. 


When we work on your marketing plans, we touch base on the following: 


  • Marketplace Positioning – Where do you fit in your target market? Do you need to create an entirely new target market? We gather information for you, compare you to top competitors within your primary market and use that to differentiate you. 


  • Thought Leadership – How can we help turn your business and employees into leaders? We want to build authority and credibility, making your company the “must-call” when someone needs a problem solved.


  • Marketing Technology – Do you have a content management system? Do you need one? How about a marketing automation platform? We make sure you have the tools to set you up for success. 


  • Budding Opportunities – Is there a new set of prospects who could benefit from or use your product/service? What about an underserved market close to your current market? We'll help you find out and build relationships with them. 


  • Follow-Up – Marketing doesn’t end. Our strategies focus on delivering results and we check in every step of the way.





When we work with your business, we always take a look at your branding. That means we ensure that your business name, symbol, design, mission, values, products, services, etc. all promote your company in the most appropriate manner for the image you'd like to create.


Appropriate branding is communicated through all projects we do, but if you find yourself needing help streamlining your look and overall feel, we can help with that. 


From logo creation to helping you place the most appealing print orders for any physical marketing materials you need, we can keep your business looking fresh and up to date. 




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