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Social media is everywhere, generating billions of conversations and actions every day. Here at Social Bug Digital Media, we want you to be a part of that digital dialog. 


Social media networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world with constantly evolving parts. Because of that constant change, there tends to be a lot of confusion with what is considered "best practice" and what might yield "real results." 


Let us tackle that for you so you don't have to stress. We love building a digital world where our clients shine and offer a variety of social media services based on your needs and goals. 


Platforms we have mastered: 












Social Media Management


You need to be visible to be liked, to be shared, to grow your demographic, and to build your business. We create consistent visibility and build your online reputation. 


This social media management option is our most inclusive in terms of services. When you ask us to take over your social channels, we do so in full-force by creating custom social media plans that we implement for you. We do this by brainstorming content based on your yearly goals, upcoming events, and business relationships. In addition to content creation, we automatically reach out to new potential customers and other businesses that would help build positive traction. 


These services tie into the social media advertising that we also include with this complete package and base our advertising campaigns on your budget. We do not spend a penny more than what is agreed upon. To properly manage that budget, we track all campaigns very closely and ensure they are viable and yield a good return for your investment. 



Social Media Advertising


Do you need assistance with social media advertising? Not sure what content or posts social media platforms will allow you to boost and campaign with? We have your back. 


When we take on your social media advertising, we do so with your budget being our number one concern. There is no advertising budget too small or too large for us to handle. 


Keep in mind, advertising is something that requires constant observation to ensure the techniques we're implementing are successful.


Let's say a campaign is not doing well. After the appropriate amount of observation time, we cancel and/or alter it based on analytics. This makes sure that you are spending your money as wisely as possible. 

SM Managent
SM Advertising
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SM Planning & Coaching
Content Creation
Short Video Ads

 Custom Social Media Plans  & Social Media Coaching


Do you find yourself posting before or after work hours? Getting minimal customer interactions? Do you feel you have a decent handle on your own social media and just need a little guidance? We can help with that too!


If you want social media to stay "in-house," but need help, we can create a custom social media plan that includes a 30-day posting schedule with proposed content based on your analytics. 


A custom plan comes to you in calendar view with specific posting times based on day of the week, customer data and your most immediate goals or events. During the time we work together on creating a custom plan we meet for two, 1-hour sessions so you feel confident going out there on your own. 


As a second and very similar option, we offer Social Media Coaching. This is by far one of the most flexible services we provide. We start with your current understanding of social media, what you believe you need help in, and build a custom coaching program for you.


This program can include any additional staff that may assist you during this process. 



Content Creation


Social media requires you to share information about yourself, your services, your goals, etc. at regular intervals, but it also demands high-quality content. 


If you find yourself needing help with content, we should chat so you can stress less about creating and focus more on doing what you do best. 


In a nutshell, we pick your wonderful brain about your largest project(s), work, passion(s), etc. and build engaging visuals, articles, and posts for you to utilize on any platform. 



Short Video Advertising


Brands need a video marketing strategy - this isn't a new idea. What has changed, however, is how important video has become on every platform and channel. 


Video is no longer one piece of your overall marketing plan. It's central to your outreach and campaign efforts... especially your social strategy. 


Research published in late 2017 claims that some social channels are expected to be mostly video within 5 years. Wow! 


If that is something you would like to discuss for your business, Social Bug as partnered with Wave video and retains the licensure to create and sell those advertisements to help increase your user interest and engagement.


We have a few of our own video ad's too!

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