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Running your own business is no easy task.


With never-ending to-do lists and not enough hours in the day, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed. Despite having a million things to focus on, don't make this an excuse to take short-cuts when it comes to online visibility. It is vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional destination that lets customers know you mean business, have the motivation to engage, and the determination to accomplish goals. 


Social Bug Digital Media will do that for you. Not only is the standard of excellence built into our values, but it is built into our contract and warranty. Please read on for more information about each service. 




Website Design & Development


We create websites from the ground-up as well as take over websites you may already have that could require some updates. 


When we do take on a new web project, we implement designs with your customer in mind first. By using modern designs backed by up-to-date industry research, we create attractive websites that engage your clientele. 


At Social Bug, we get down to the tiniest of details such as the number of clicks it takes to find what your customers need, common preferences, and accessibility, making the overall user experience nothing short of delightful. Because, if there's one thing we all aren't big fans of, it's a website that takes forever to navigate. 


We build on a number of platforms and utilize the most efficient systems to ensure your business is looking its best. In addition to initial website design, we stay in touch. We love seeing our clients' businesses grow and with growth, sometimes that means your website needs to grow too. We are there to make that happen when you need us. 


Did we mention that all websites we create are "responsive?" If you're not sure what that means, it means that all of our websites will reformat to fit the device on which your website is being viewed. The best part about being responsive is that we consider it to be standard practice and it helps improve your Search Engine Optimization... (keep reading, it's pretty cool information)

Please click HERE to learn more about website hosting & regular maintenance packages.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search engine optimization is an important aspect of your website because it makes it easy for users to find your business - both humans and computers. 


Yes, there is no doubt that search engines are gaining in their advancement, but they still do not understand your webpage the same way a human would. So, by utilizing analytics and other "top secret" strategies, we make your website easier to find and navigate for all of the humans, computers, iPhones and smart devices in your life. 


Not sure if you need assistance with that? No problem. We believe in free initial consultations where we can give you a complimentary website grade to tell you how you're doing. 


SEO is a constant, ongoing process. If that's something you may be interested in, we prefer to offer those services in three-month increments. We're open to timeline flexibility, but this time frame allows us to gain measurable results and move forward accordingly.  



eCommerce Design & Development


Are you a retailer? Do you sell things online to your customers in any capacity? If so, eCommerce is something we should talk about. 


In developing websites, we like to know all about your business so we can create what you need as well as make sure we are securing your business in the best way possible. When sales come into play, there are a few more things to think about such as inventory systems, point of sales systems, and fulfillment of any orders. 


We are proud to say that we have worked with a handful of other retailers and have helped create seamless purchasing experiences for customers. How do we do that?  We utilize your past sales records and analytics, compare them to trending reports, and create an online store. These strategies make your site easy to navigate, showcasing your brand and products in a way that is both clean and non-obtrusive. 



Landing Pages


Since we've offered landing pages as their own special project, we've received a few questions. In digital marketing, a landing page is created to purposefully be a singular web page outside of your main website. 


Landing pages have proven to be highly successful in marketing and advertising campaigns where a customer can "land" on the web page when given the appropriate link. 


For example, we construct the majority of our landing pages around the holiday season when clients have offered time-sensitive sales, new customer offers, etc. 


Not sure if this is something you need? We'll let you know if it is beneficial for you and how to make it successful based on your goals.



Website D&D
Landing Pages
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