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SOCIAL BUG DIGITAL MEDIA, LLC is a digital media company that specializes in getting you and your business noticed in today's ever-growing digital world. We offer a wide range of website services such as website design & construction, website take-overs, online marketing, social media management and branding services to give you the "whole package."




Founder, Owner & Operator

JMU Alumni, Class of 2011 and Baltimore native that relocated to Virginia in 2012.

I'm passionate about building a safer and productive digital world for business owners, non-profits and charities. I also believe in affordability so you don't need another business loan to make it happen.

From a professional perspective, I have collaborated with some of the "big kids" in the industry such as executives from Adobe, Oracle, Cisco, and SAP, to name a few. In addition to Social Bug, I have supported others by investing in numerous start-up campaigns and other entrepreneurs locally as well as across the country.


Outside of the website/ marketing matrix, I take orders from the Top Dog (see below), create illustrations for children's embroidery, and chase my next adrenaline high through Tough Mudder races, zip-lining, and skydiving. Oh yeah! And I bought a motorcycle!

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Captain Bear

Top Dog

We all know I'm the real one in charge.

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Key Assistant

Learning every single day.

Sometimes I jump on calls unexpectedly. 

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Consultants & Collaboration

Content Writers, Editors, Designers, etc.

Social Bug believes that through collaboration we can elevate experiences and inspire people everywhere. Good designs, great content and even better relationships come from working together.


-In 2018, we were fortunate enough to expand our client base, allowing us to grow our team project by project. We have increased our community involvement by reaching out to teachers, stay-at-home parents, and students. Their knowledge and experience have given us a unique edge to our final products while providing flexible employment opportunities. 


It's not about your work life, it's about your life's work.


Success & Quality Driven

Everyone’s economy is driven by results. We are too. Because of that, we take on a smaller amount of clients within a certain time frame to deliver our best to you. Not only does that ensure our highest quality, but your best success.


Unapologetically Authentic

Open communication from both parties is key to success. We will tell you what is on our minds during each step of the process. We trust you to do that same. When we work together, you will gain personal cell phone numbers, please use them. If it's 1:00 am and you're really not a fan of a color, a font, etc. we want to know. Together we can make your dream become a reality. We will keep you updated as to where we are in the process with your project, as well as ensure we have multiple interactive sessions along the way.



That’s you and us. We not only have your back, but we work together to make your project the best it can be. Let us master the digital world so you can shine as your unique, expert-level self.


Technology Freethinker

What is popular ≠ what is best for you. Because of that, we operate with a variety of solutions to your specialized needs. Our owner and operator, Christine, prides herself on delivering the best product that is the most efficient for your needs which translates into record time turn-around, money in your pocket, and happy customers.


Explorer of the Digital Seas

Aren’t we all pirates at heart? Here at Social Bug, we enjoy taking on the more challenging projects. We strive to learn more and increase our scope with each project. Although challenging, we truly find joy in taking on the bigger, more adventurous tasks.


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