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COVID-19 | Small Business Relief & Resources


Hi there! You can read more about Social Bug Digital Media on our "Who We Are," page but this space is reserved for anything COVID-19 related.

On a quick personal note, I wanted you to meet the fam! We're a crazy bunch of creatives living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Landon is my other half and a local wood-worker plus our two furry babies, Captain Bear & Hank. 

As small-business owners we understand that there is  A LOT going on right now combined with a lot of questions and concerns. 

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We don't have a crystal ball.


Just wanted to be clear and upfront BUT we do have a lot of heart for what we do and other small businesses out there. 

💪 Social Bug Digital Media is here to help.


We all walk that fine line of asking ourselves two big questions so we should touch on them... 

1) How can we support other businesses? 

2) Can we afford to help without further financial impact for us?

Honestly, yes and yes (within reason).

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The truth is... that's also evolving but we can tell you how we've made an impact so far and if any of this sounds like you could benefit, please reach out.


What we are offering pro-bono...


FREE 30-minute calls. You have questions? We'll get you answers (or get you in touch with someone who can). No strings attached. We're a bunch of straight-shooters. 

Social Media & Digital Marketing Guidance. A common question we are getting asked a lot lately being,

"Is it even worth it?" Short answer - Yup. Sure is!

Website Guidance & Feedback. With the pretty immediate need to go digital, there is a lot of demand on your  virtual presence and now that we've sort of globally hit a "pace," you might be feeling like you can look into                this further. We want to help answer questions for you. Doesn't matter if we built or maintain your website                nor does it matter if you ever want us to work on or maintain your website in the future.  👍


Leave us your information and we'll reach out!


Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

So, what is the catch?

Excellent question! Full transparency, that depends on YOU. 

Depending on the work you need, strategy involved, and the multiple parts that go into your business as well as the obstacles you have faced, we will work with that. 

If you're thinking, "Yeah... that doesn't answer my question." You're not wrong. 

What we can give you are some examples of the work we have done recently under this new COVID-19 operational standard. 

Due to the nature of this time a lot of our clients have asked to not be publicly displayed via an open portfolio and we respect that. What we CAN do, is walk you through live examples on our call time. 

QUICK SIDE NOTE: If you've made it this far, thank you 🙏 It should come as no surprise that this WHOLE practice is operating on the good, old-fashioned honor system. We trust you to tell us the truth during our "exploration call," and create the best plan from there. 

How we have helped so far... 



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✔ If you are feeling like "HELP! Technology is NOT for me and I'm totally stuck!" We can create a starting point. 


✔ Social media suggestions based on current offerings

✔ Assistance with social media ad's (from tips & tricks to full-blown implementation)


✔ Website design & layout updates

✔ Making website changes that are temporary (and won't impact your forever site)

✔ Website security check + suggestions + updates

✔ Tech support with building digital connections for what you need

✔ "Is THIS (insert situation) even possible?!" Q&A

✔ Ways you can generate revenue online

✔  How to safely collect payments online (we'll share our favorite service providers)

✔ How business after COVID might be different: Are you ready for that and are your digital platforms? (Main concern will be your digital adaptability)

Don't see a topic you're looking to work on? That's ok.

We are here and happy to help if you'd be open to a short conversation to start. 


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